10 Months After The Wedding, He Woke Up & Didnt Know His WifeThen He Says Just 2 Words

He said he didn’t even remember who she was…

In 2010, Danielle walked down the aisle to the love of her life, Matt Davisbut just sevenmonths into their marriage, she got a devastating phone call that flipped her whole world upside down.

Matt had been in a serious motorcycle wreck. He was in a coma with a 90percentchance of never waking up. His brain damage was severe, and there was little hope for him to recover in any capacity. Even if he did wake up, doctors said he would never walk, ride or function normally again. Their professional recommendation was for Danielle to pull the plug and move on.

“They said that if it was them, they would pull the plug. That’s what they’d want their family to do,” Danielle told WTOC.

But the Georgia newlywed absolutely refused to give up on her husband that easily.

I knew that God could get us through that, she said. I didn’t think that it was too big for God.

She decided to take Matt home and took on the job of his full-time caretaker. It took every last ounce of her strength just to keep him alive, but for Danielle, it was a labor of love well worth the wait.

“Feeding tube, adult ‘briefs,’ sponge baths, over 20 medications, physical therapy, turning him every twohrs to prevent bed sores, etc.,” she wrote on his GoFundMe page.

And threemonths later, Matt finally woke up and spoke to her. He simply said, “I’m trying.”

It was just two little words, but they spoke volumes. Danielle says it was the “greatest thing” she’d ever heard.

However, Matt woke up without any recollection of the last threeyears.“I didn’t know my dad was dead. I didn’t know I was married. I didn’t know anything,” he said.

Though Danielle was essentially a stranger to him, he was far from disappointed to find out he was married to her.

“That’s my wife?!” said Matt. “Awww yeah!”

He may not remember marrying his wife, but after watching how diligently she cared for him every step of the way, it wasn’t long before he fell right back in love with her again. “I’m sure glad I married her,” he told ABC News.

Years later, Matt is recovering by leaps and bounds, and he’s even got back on a bike again! The Davis’ credit Matt’s miraculous recovery to a God whose sovereign hand reaches far beyond any doctor’s diagnosis. Medical professionals can only describe his progress asunprecedented.

Matt and Danielle are forever grateful that their enduring faith has equipped them with the perseverance they needed to make it through this unthinkable tragedy. With a newfound perspective on life, Matt thanks God for every day he has been given and doesn’t take a single breath for granted. Most of all, he’s thankful for his faithful wife, whom he says is the reason he’s still here.

He put her in my life, so God knows what hes doing,” said Matt through a gleaming smile. He plans to have another wedding to make up for the one the accident erased, and he’s sure that this time around, it will forever be seared in his memory.

Watch more from Matt and Danielle’s miraculous journey in their interview below.

Read more: http://www.faithit.com/bride-refuses-pull-plug-husband-3-months-later-coma/

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10 Months After The Wedding, He Woke Up & Didnt Know His WifeThen He Says Just 2 Words

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