Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate?

Are you meant to be with a sunny sex god like Henry Miller or someone bald, dark, and brooding like Dostoevsky?

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Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate?

  1. You got: Anton Chekhov

    Calm and contemplative, you need someone who shares your desire to lie in a hammock in the Russian countryside, drink champagne, and think about the meaning of life. Both of you know that love, alas, is a fickle emotion, so you must cherish it for the fleeting moment in which it graces you.

    Via commons.wikimedia.org

  2. You got: Ernest Hemingway

    You need a manly man. A man who doesn’t mince his words. A man who knows that love that is true and real creates a respite from death. You’ll need to keep an eye out for him because he’s pretty popular with the ladies, but you understand that his wandering eye just comes from a fear of rejection.

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  3. You got: Jane Austen

    Ever so genteel, you are in need of a woman who is your equal in rank and temperament, a woman who is financially independent but who still appreciates being taken care of. As romantic realists, both you and Jane realize that your imperfections make you perfect for each other, and that it is a combination of reason and emotion that makes a happy marriage.

    Via Flickr: 20919058@N05

  4. You got: Virginia Woolf

    You’re not daunted by women who are brilliant but emotionally fragile. On the contrary, you’re selfless and kind enough to want to really nurture someone and support their illustrious career. Yours is a truly deep love because it is a love of the mind, and it will surpass all the hours.

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  5. You got: Henry Miller

    You sexpot, you! You and Henry share an intense passion for life, and you want to soak up every minute of it. You both crave to forget yourself in sex, so that you’re all the more keenly aware of the world when you return to consciousness. But you’re no mindless hedonist, you just realize that the value of life is the sum of all its pleasures.

    Via losarciniegas.blogspot.com

  6. You got: Langston Hughes

    You and Langston are both sophisticated, politically conscious, sensitive souls, who draw strength from being on the forefront of progressive movements, but who also appreciate life’s simple pleasures: eating, sleeping, drinking, and being in love.

    Via Flickr: speakingoffaith

  7. You got: Fyodor Dostoevsky

    You know the world is a depraved and twisted place, and you want a man who cuts through all the bull to what’s really at the dark heart of human nature. But, you also know that love is that glimmer of hope in the black kingdom of our souls, and you dream that your innocence and goodness will help heal this tormented bad boy…if only for a little while.

    Via commons.wikimedia.org

  8. You got: Henry David Thoreau

    You want a man who’s simple, self-sufficient, and hardworking. A man who loves nature and flouts public opinion to create his own movement. A man who doesn’t even have a Twitter or Facebook. The two of you can live together, out in the tranquility of the woods, with no Wi-Fi, no electricity, no human contact whatsoever…actually, maybe you should retake this quiz.

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  9. You got: Oscar Wilde

    You’re a real charmer, and you need someone who can match your charisma and witty banter. Oscar dines at the best clubs with the most interesting people, so he’s also your ticket to a wicked (pun intended) social scene. But beneath that flamboyant exterior is just a little boy desperately craving your love.

    Via Flickr: delanydean


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Which Classic Author Is Your Soulmate?

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