Husband Sleeps With Wifes Friends, So She Sleeps With His Friends for RevengeBut Only God Could Have Written the End of This Story

We all know what its like to be in the early, blissful stages of a new relationship. Sometimes its when you first start dating, and other times, its renewed after marriage when you find yourself in the newlywed stage. Its the part of a relationship that no one ever wants to losethe playful romance, the intentional love and kindnessits the picture-perfect version of a marriage.

But were all people. And in our humanness, we will always fail one another. Its something that Jeremy and Kristina McCary learned about three years into their marriage, and it nearly destroyed them.


After giving birth to their first child, parenthood had gotten the best of them. Their relationship went from exciting and blissful to stressful and sleepless in a matter of months.

As life, or Satan rather, continued to wage a war between them, his devilish efforts started to work.

Their marriage slipped away from them as Jeremy began sleeping around with friends of Kristinas. They were sleeping in separate places, and porn was Jeremys new commitment.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

In the pit of destruction, Kristina was sleeping with Jeremys friends, he was sleeping with her friends, and they couldnt bear to look at each other.

But God.

Kristina saw a link online for a Christmas Eve service at New Spring Church. She watched the service and was immediately captivated by the words God spoke to her through pastor.

She made the decision then and there that she was going to pray for God to come into her life, and take over.

But God doesnt just fix a marriage one-sided. Kristina prayed for her husbands heart to be softenedthat he would welcome God the way she hadand to her surprise, he did.

Its not in our humanness that we can just fix whats completely shattered. Break a plate in your cupboard and try putting every single piece back together where it belongs. It will never look like the other plates, and not every piece will fit perfectly the way it did before.

But Jesus came so that we may have life, and have it abundantly. He doesnt want us eating off of broken plates and filling our mouths with shards of glass. That is the sick work of Satan. God wants us to overcome our past, be healed from our wounds and break free from the chains that are holding us back from living the abundant life He intended for us.

Through Christ, Jeremy and Kristinas marriage was made new. Better than any plate that could be pieced back together, it was NEW. It was fresh, and it was filled with the spirit of the Lord, who radically changed their lives and their eternities.

If youre reading this today and you find yourself in a similar place as Jeremy and Kristina, my prayer is that you know there IS hope, and you are not alone.

In this world, we are powerless. But we serve a mighty and powerful God. The God of love and joy, peace and miracles.

May you be inspired by Jeremy and Kristinas testimony today. And share it with someone who could use the reminder that they are not alone.



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Husband Sleeps With Wifes Friends, So She Sleeps With His Friends for RevengeBut Only God Could Have Written the End of This Story

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